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This planet we all call home never ceases to amaze me. Mother Nature can humble you with her heaving oceans, overload all your senses with impossibly lush tropical rainforests, and leave you in awe with the rugged strength of massive mountain ranges; accomplishments no human could ever match. Yet mankind, in its relatively brief time on Earth, has constructed miraculous and beautiful structures that stretch across the millennia. Ancient cities that still pulse with modern life and culture. Ethereal monasteries, beautiful in their simplicity, that have clung to mountainsides for centuries. Bridges and subways that transport millions during the day that stand in silent repose at night, brilliant in form and function.

I strive to see the stillness in the chaos, the sublime in the mundane, and to show familiar and iconic landmarks in a new perspective. Much of my time at work is in the early morning darkness to capture these moments, or time spent motionless amid the bustle waiting for the instant the crowds clear. While most of my subjects are static, the world moves around them, and I’m content to remain as fixed as my model until my moment arrives. In World Art Photography, I try to capture the juxtaposition of the old and the new, of the crowds and the solitude, and of the iconic with the ordinary.