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Western Landscape Art Photographs and Wall Art

The vast landscapes of the American West with their wide open spaces is all one needs to see in order to understand how free spirited Westerners feel. Cobalt blue skies that stretch as far as the eye can see, rocky and rugged terrains, often otherworldly landscapes, and dramatic sunsets are only but a few ways for us to describe these western lands. Tall Joshua Trees seemingly dance across desert floors while fourteen thousand foot mountains tower over Colorado or deep crevices keep our minds engaged with its tranquility; we find solace drinking it in from time-to-time.  Mark Paulda's original western landscape art photography brings all of this and more to your space and walls.


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store sells original Western Landscape Art Photographs for hotels, medical offices, corporate offices, restaurants, corporate rental properties and more.  Wall art for interior decorators and designers.  Custom sizes available.  Please inquire.  All images are available for commercial licensing and digital downloads.

The American West is where my heart belongs. I have never seen a place that takes your breath away more than the untouched beauty of this region in our country, and it leaves me speechless every time I visit. The Ouray area has been called "the Little Switzerland of America," but there are many other hidden gems to explore nearby--from mountainous high-altitudes to gentle mountain valleys, from stark deserts with incredible rock formations all around you at any given moment, or stunning canyons cut deep into the earth by ancient rivers long ago dried up. This natural wonderland will take your mind off anything else for days  Western landscapes in the United States are so vast and diverse that it's as if you're visiting a different planet.  The Joshua Trees in the Mojave Desert look like they were planted by an alien who wants to make our world their own, while Yellowstone National Parks' Grand Tetons will give you the peace of mind for which we all long. The Grand Canyon is one landscape everyone should come see at least once because there's nothing else quite like it on Earth.


Mark Paulda has helped decorators and designers from all over the world design beautiful projects. He provides them with professional photography for any type of interior space, including hotels, office buildings or individual homes. The photos are affordable artwork that can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens to create a harmonious environment.

Mark is always looking for new ways to help his clients achieve their goals by offering discounted prices on wall art featured throughout our site such as Grand Canyon photo prints made on museum-quality paper featuring stunning views captured during hikes through some of America's most popular national parks like Yellowstone National Park where one never knows when an eruption might take place!  Or maybe you're more interested in Colorado canvas prints which feature serene landscapes.

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