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Tropical Landscape Art Photographs and Wall Art

Escaping to sublime tropical climates is one of my favorite pastimes.  It seems a natural place for us who are always looking for ways to balance out the hustle and bustle of life back home. There's beauty and serenity in the tropics that settles your soul, which makes it an ideal setting to capture incredible photographs with colors so vibrant you might think them surreal. I particularly love capturing some subtle complexities about Bali rainforests; rays of light descending from tall trees, a serene waterfall popping up unexpectedly-even rice fields on expansive hillside can be beautiful.


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store is the ultimate destination for those seeking a way to brighten their lives with original art photography.  Whether you're looking for prints of your favorite landscape, or want something more personalized, like custom framing and sizes not found elsewhere; Mark has it all.


The store also features some truly stunning pieces as wall art such as famous natural landmarks and serene waterfalls that would be perfect in an office space. And if you need images licensed commercially? We've got what you need too.

Lush waterfalls, lush green jungles, dreamy beaches and silky warm seas are some of the top ingredients that make for an ideal tropical vacation. Each destination offers its own sultry charms we all love - Lush landscapes with dramatic scenery to endless sunshine! If you can't get away this summer take a look at our new collection of photography showcasing these different destinations in your home or office. Bring the tropics into any room with beautiful images from Bali, Sri Lanka and Mauritius as well as those underwater shots taken on Indian Ocean floor; be swept away by natural beauty!

Mark Paulda has photographed beautiful landscapes from around the world and is now offering his art for those in need of decorating inspiration. Whether it's a hospital waiting room or your own personal home, Mark can take care of all your artistic needs with affordable prints that are ready to hang right out-of-the box!

Most people associate large metal sculptures as outdoor pieces only but this artist proves size doesn't matter when he creates stunning photographs on canvas inside an enclosed area like our office building lobby. The bold colors found in one piece move me enough to order my favorite picture just so I have something by which to remember what made us smile today at work while we were trying not get frustrated over deadlines coming up fast.

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