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El Paso is living proof of the vitality that blooms when Hispanic and Anglo cultures freely enrich each other. Sí El Paso is a celebration of this splendid border city in stunning photographs by Mark A. Paulda and evocative bilingual text by El Pasoans who cherish their city in all its diversity.

Often called a big city with a small-town heart, this international border town often tops the list of safest big cities in Texas—and did so for years before any part of a border wall was imposed on it. “Our history reaches back nearly 12,000 years at Hueco Tanks, where the first human settlements can be traced,” says Paulda. “The Spanish established themselves during the mid-1550s; Old West gunfighters took the law into their own hands on downtown streets in the 1800s; and we’ve always lived hand-in-hand with our sister city, Juárez, across the border. There is no other city like El Paso.” In page after page of beautiful photos and celebratory prose, Sí El Paso illustrates the culture and history of this unique American city.

Sí El Paso