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Why Are There No Clocks In Airports?

If there is one place there should be a hanging disk with two revolving arms and twelve numbers, it’s an airport.  Have you noticed?  Isn’t it peculiar there are no clocks in airport terminals?  I’ve flown over a million miles and have been in many airport terminals – small to large.  And, no clocks!

One must arrive at the airport on time.  Arriving at the departure gate is imperative, so why the lack of prominently displayed clocks?

“Look at your phone,” you say?  My phone is in my pocket and my hands are full. What’s more is when I left my 9 to 5 job years ago, I gave up wearing a watch.  Yes, I thought time didn’t matter so much – except when you’re at an airport.

Right now I am sitting in the Miami International Airport.  A regular fitness routine and ample time are required to walk through the terminal.  No joke.  And, no clocks to guarantee timeliness.

To my recollection London, Dallas, LA – no clocks!  Kudos to New York’s JFK Airport, Terminal 8, however.  Directly after passing through security, there is a row of clocks showing time around the world.  Want to know the time in Tokyo?  JFK’s Terminal 8 has you covered.  Perhaps JFK received all the clock shipments intended for other airports. Perhaps not knowing the time isn’t terribly important.  After all, late is my middle name.

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