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Views From London’s Millennium Bridge

The newest addition to the Bridges of London Family Millennium Bridge and one of my favourites Is there a London bridge not to like?   The Millennium stretches across the River Thames connecting St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Tate Modern.  In future posts, I will share some of my favourite London Walks which will include two ways to use this great bridge.   If you want a unique visit to London adds each of the bridges along the Thames River to your list of things to do.

low angle view of st paul's cathedral and millennium bridge in london

For now, I will say the views east or west are not particularly great, though Tower Bridge is in nice view toward the east.  What I love most is being at either end of the bridge – Tate Modern side, or St Paul’s Cathedral side.  I especially favour this area for night photography because there are fewer people out and about after dark.  I often mention exploring London after working hours as the city’s population dwindles drastically.  Depending on the hour you venture out onto London streets, it is entirely possible to have the town to yourself.  And, here is a huge promise to you – when you are on your own in the city, you’ll appreciate London more and love her even more.

Being atop the Millennium Bridge is fantastic, which I mention above.  The contemporary design and airy feel of the bridge lend itself nicely to being below the bridge.  If the tide is low climbing down to the banks of the River Thames is easy enough if you don’t mind mud on your shoes.  The mud does hold a tripod in place very nicely I might add.  There are plenty of interesting perspectives for great photos towards The Shard, Tate Modern and even Blackfriars Bridge.  The city lights add interesting elements to whichever scene you choose that you will only capture being directly at the water.

For night photography, this is a fantastic spot for a stunning view of St Paul’s large dome. Of course, you’ll want to be on the bridge and not underneath it.  Get right down low, and place your camera on the bridge. Do be warned as others walk by, there is a vibration, so be sure to keep your camera steady.  Patience is the key for brilliant images.

Also be aware a few people will ask you not to include them in your photographs.  If you know about long exposures, then you know when the shutter is open for a length of time most people will not appear in your image.  On one occasion, I proved this to a passerby.  She did not like my answer after she told me not to take photos of her.  My reply was – “it doesn’t matter, you won’t show up in my photo.”  So, I asked her to walk in front of the camera then return to me.  She did just that and voila!  She was nowhere to be seen in the image.  

No matter if you are only a visitor to London or keen to capture brilliant images of the city, the Millennium Bridge should be on your list of things to do.  It should be no surprise I think night time is the best time to be here.

You might also like the short video of Millennium Bridge at night.

the shard seen from under the millennium bridge in london
view of tate modern museum from the millennium bridge in london
low angle view of st paul's cathedral and millennium bridge in london
low angle view of millennium bridge in london

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