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Travel Destination :: High In The Himalayas In Bhutan

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Travel Destination :: Himalaya Mountains In Bhutan

With no expectations, I traveled to Bhutan.  I knew the architecture would leave me speechless and that people are usually nice when you get there but what happened in this country was beyond my wildest dreams--they're incredible.

The most amazing part is how they love quiet; it's like a homecoming for someone who prefers peace over noise.

eerie illumination on a himalaya mountain road in bhutan during twilight

The Himalayas are more than just a mountain range. They have created their own category for majestic peaks that will never be surpassed by any other on earth, not even the mighty Andes or Rocky Mountains could compare to its height. I was in awe of these mountains when out trekking and hiking through them; it felt as though my feet were literally taking me up into heaven itself. The dense fog sending my head into the clouds amplified this.

bare tree leaning off a cliff in the himalaya mountains of bhutan

I stood on the verge of tears as I watched a storm roll in. The fog engulfed me completely, making it almost impossible to see anything more than an inch away from my face. If there's such thing as having a spiritual moment with nature then this was that time for me because despite everything else going against us- weather wise and otherwise -the beauty at the top is worth all those bumps along the way up!

If you're not a fan of roller coasters, long winding roads and the Himalaya mountains might be the last thing on your travel list. But Bhutan's natural beauty should convince you to be adventurous: its beauty is unparalleled.  Bhutan's topography ranges from lush green valleys to snowy mountain peaks so high they leave you dizzy with wonder at what lies in store around every corner - deer grazing peacefully among fields or snow-capped Himalayas that tower over ancient monasteries; all await an explorer like yourself who sets off into uncharted territory without fear.

curved empty road with fog during twilight in the himalaya mountains of bhutan

It takes time for even the most adventurous thrill-seekers to get their bucket list in order, but if you want a destination with enough adventure and intrigue that will keep you coming back again and again, Bhutan is where you need to go.

Step out of your comfort zone by visiting one of Asia’s last hermits kingdoms, which has been lauded as being untouched from globalization or any outside interference since its independence. If history is something you're more comfortable with than mountain climbing Bhutan is still for you. And, a journey to this remarkable kingdom might be perfect for someone who just wants some peace and quiet.

The beauty of Bhutan and the Himalaya Mountains can gracefully bring any room to life. Be sure to check out our splendid Nature Wall Art Collection

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