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Travel Destination :: Buenos Aires Tango

Travel Destination – Buenos Aires Argentina.  Tango Dancers. 

When the Tango Dancers go on stage, the magic does not begin but continues to flourish.  At this show, I immediately staged right, or stage left – only steps away from the dancers on stage.  A stagehand directed me from the other side of the stage to let me know when something special would happen.  

male tango dancer at a tango show in buenos aires

What an incredible experience photographing the tango dancers.  The story does not stop here.  Before leaving I promised to return with the photos I had taken this night.  So, a few months later I did indeed return to Buenos Aires.  On my way to the theatre, I was walking toward a sidewalk café, when all of a sudden a familiar face appeared before me.  Who was this?  Luis, the stage manager, and some of the Tango Dancers.  They saw me before I saw them, and they welcomed me back as part of the family.  This is one of the beauties of what I do – making friends around the world.

dancing tango couple at a tango show in buenos aires argentina

Having seen first hand the personas backstage, I know there are great stories to be told.  One day soon, I fully intend to create an epic project telling the true romantic story of The Tango in Buenos Aires.

couples dancing at a tango show in buenos aires argentina

Consider these interesting facts about the Tango :: 

::    Argentine Tango and American Tango are different! Most people are familiar with the version of tango that takes big, crawling steps, and that’s usually done with a cape on and a flower in the someone’s mouth. This is a ballroom style of tango known as American Tango. Stemming from Argentine Tango, American Tango is bigger and is more often found in competitions than on social dance floors. It looks great, and can be flashy and fun, but don’t get the two confused. Argentine Tango is more flow-y, involves more legwork, and takes closer and smaller steps than American Tango.

::    If you’re a creative type, then you’ll love Argentine Tango. The majority of the steps are not set steps like you might find in a Salsa or Bachata. Instead, they are largely improvised, so you have to know the moves and how to string them together. Basic figures are used in conjuncture with each other to create incredible movements. The dancer does need to know the lead and implementation of these basic elements, so he can easily navigate the dance floor and dance in time with the music.

::    Once you’ve mastered the dance and can dance with anyone, what do you do?  Milonga! A milonga can mean one of two things. It is a type of tango that uses different beats and is often done without pauses. But in this case, we mean going to a milonga; a type of club or venue that specifically hosts Argentine Tango dances. There are many places in Arizona, especially in Phoenix, that host Milongas for anyone interested in Argentine Tango, from beginners to experts. If you need to practice, a milonga is a place to do so.

If you are looking for Tango Performances, consider Cafe de Los Angelitos (where my photos were taken) or Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Performance Below is a map showing the location of Cafe de Los Angelitos and Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show:

map showing location of tango shows in buenos aires argentina

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