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From the winding and confusing alleyways in the Old Medina to lush desert gardens, Marrakech is a feast for any of your senses.  The sights, sounds, aromas and tastes are all enough to overwhelm you with an intoxicating mix that will leave you yearning more than most anything else.

From time-tested traditions such as snake charmers on Jemaa el Fna or relaxing by Djemma El Fna pondering how it has maintained its status over decades while other cities have come into prominence only recently; these memories can never be replicated anywhere else in this world but they’re just one example of why This Is Marrakech!

The noise of the Jamaa El-Fna is deafening at night, with entertainers vying for attention and jostling one another to get a coin from passersby. The smells can be overwhelming as you walk by stalls selling all sorts of foods that have been prepared in various ways or even just fresh fruit juice squeezed right before your eyes. You'll also find souvenirs here if that's what you're looking for--or maybe some henna tattoo art?

The Marrakech Old Medina has something new waiting around every corner: animals on display at street-side restaurants, snake charmers who will charm their way into squeezing out an extra few dirhams per photo opportunity - anything goes when it comes to making money off this tourist hotspot.

The Ben Youssef Madrasa is a centuries-old Islamic college that has now become an historical site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Morocco. Prepare your camera as you prepare to be amazed by intricate tile work, patterns, colors - all screaming Moroccan tradition. You won't want to miss exploring Alahambra's architectural feel or its doorways either. They are phenomenal.

In this amazing place, you are able to explore the Saadian Tombs of a dynasty that ruled nearly six hundred years ago. These simple tombs have intricate tile work and ornate columns which make them mind blowing!  It is just luck that we get to enjoy these craftsmanship in their timeless beauty today. Nearby Palais El Badii, there is an entrance for The Saadian Tombs of Morocco where one can experience what it was like living under the rule of Abul Hasan Ali Al-Saadi who led his people from 1574 until 1631 when he died at age 74 .

The beautiful intricacies found within each grave let me imagine how powerful these great leaders were while they still walked among us.

Marrakech is a photographer's dream.  The textures, colors, and patterns you'll find at every turn will keep your shutter clicking finger busy the entire time! With so many photo opportunities around every corner (literally) it can be challenging to remember that not everyone is keen on having their picture taken- especially shopkeepers who want people shopping in THEIR store instead of someone else’s.

Do be mindful when taking photos however - with all these great shots happening left and right its easy for one person to forget they're invading other peoples privacy by snapping away without asking first!

The video in this blog shows a variety of sights throughout the Medina as well as the impeccable Jardin Majorelle.  Keep reading below for nice tips for you to capture better travel photos during your next trip to Marrakech.

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