This is Iceland.  An island with the howling North Atlantic Ocean to the south and a restless Norwegian Sea to its north, an odd place where you might sometimes think you're on another planet.  A country whose population often appears tiny in comparison to all of those tourists who visit every year (at least that's what they say). Home to some of the friendliest people I've ever met.

This small island has landscapes larger than life: if it rains while I explore geothermal hot springs by foot or trek through ice-covered lava fields; when I spend hours admiring waterfalls throughout this vast land at sunset’s golden hour; or get lost among black sand beaches as waves crash against volcanic rock shores – I'm often left speechless by what Iceland's nature presents.

If you've never been to Iceland, drop everything and go now.  Of all the countries I’ve gone to around the world, Iceland is not only cool (and I'm not referring to its temperatures), but it ranks near the top of my most favorite places in the world.  I have visited this country numerous times dating back well before it became a popular destination for tourists. When travelling there as an outsider years ago-before hotels were available on every corner—the vast landscapes astounded me with their natural beauty that was untouched by human intervention.