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The Scoop For London Photos

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

the scoop in more london estates in london

The Scoop is an entertainment amphitheatre set below the surface near London’s City Hall.  It is set amongst the More London Estate along the River Thames.

The More London Estate area is in itself a treasure trove of London photo opportunities if you appreciate  modern architecture.  A plethora of  angular glass building surround The Scoop for you to practice your architecture photography skills.

The Scoop itself looks as though the City Hall building was dipped into the ground and when it was pulled out, a cool entertainment venue was created.  Steps lead down into the stone stage area and are illuminated with blue light.  A large rounded contemporary railing surrounds the perimeter of the amphitheatre which offers you the chance to test your creativity. 

Keep your eye open as you move around.  One key tip is do indeed move about.  Go down steps into the amphitheatre; walk around the wide perimeter of The Scoop; and be aware of your surroundings.   With each step you will find a new wonderful photograph to capture.  

Your keen photography eye will find The Shard, the City of London, Tower Bridge, London City Hall, and numerous modern buildings as backgrounds while you are capturing The Scoop. 

I have spent many an hour photographing  The Scoop at More London and City Hall.   The curves are brilliant.  The blue hues emanating from the large railing are fabulous.  You can’t go wrong.  Move all the way around and keep your photographer eye open.  There is a photo to be taken everywhere.  This area is indeed one of the best places to photograph London.

Where is The Scoop?  How Do I Get To The Scoop?

The Scoop GPS Coordinates : 51.5050534,-0.0813969,17

Map Showing The Location of The Scoop at More London :

The Scoop in London Map

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