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Winding Your Way Through London: Night Photography

London is a fascinating place, and the night only makes it more so.  At night, London becomes surreal; dark corners are lit up by street lamps and shop windows glow with neon light.  Londoners come out from their homes and go about their business in the darkness, which is sometimes quiet other than a distant bus’s horn or an ambulance siren wailing down the street.

Picadilly Circus in London at night.

The streets become mine for one hour at night – I am free to wander around without being judged by anyone but myself.

London is a city that has been captured by camera millions of times over.  It's not always easy to capture it in a new way, but with the right perspective and patience, you can find some unique shots to capture of this amazing city.  Night photography is arguably one of the most difficult types of photography to do well.  I will take you on a journey through London night photography.

There is something about the quiet of night that makes it a time to be cherished and I am not just talking about my sleep.  Nighttime, when most people are tucked up in bed, gives you an opportunity to explore the world in peace and tranquility.  Take your camera out into London's city streets and you will find yourself immersed in a whole new experience – one where silence reigns supreme.

The city of London has been captured by camera countless times over the years. It is a very popular tourist destination, and there are hundreds of millions of photos with iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge in them floating around on social media.  But what about those who wish to capture something different?  What if you want to create a photo that stands out from the rest?

I’ve always been fascinated by the way light plays with a scene, and it was when I found myself up one night in London to shoot some photos that I realized how much more there is to see at night. In addition to people, you can photograph bridges or even an intersection in Central London from multiple angles for different perspectives.  If you're adventurous, you can even stand in the middle of the street.

Whether you are an amateur, seasoned pro, or someone in between, you will find some nice content throughout this blog over time that might prove useful to you.  Let me also add this- I don’t mind at all assisting others to achieve their own goals.  There are years of experience under my proverbial belt, and there have been remarkable people who helped me along the way.  So, let’s go full circle.

London's Night Scenes are a photographer's best friend.  The city is so vibrant, and full of life during the night-time hours that photographers from all over the world flock to London for their next big project.  I am no exception.

In future posts, I will be creating an audio podcast and vlog accompanying each blog post as this might be more fun and personal; additionally in upcoming blogs I will share some of my favorite things about London and how I entertain myself when there is not a camera in my hand.




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