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The Best Places To Photograph London :: An Introduction

The Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Photograph in London

Open eyes look upon London; the head tilts to one side, then eyebrows raise as the mind visualises the glorious sights the city offers to photographers.  Unsolicited reality steps in just after leaning forward with a hand on your knee, ready to dash, as there is too much pavement to pound.

Your once open eyes squint and tighten while muttering negatives slip past your lips: “I don’t think so!”

London is indeed a treasure trove for photographers both day and night. “The Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Photograph in London” will be your best sidekick, a helpful tool.  The organisation of this book is straightforward.  From north to south, east to west, London is neatly paired into compartments so you can manoeuvre the city effectively.

In each blog post, I will note particular places of interest; photos visually show which sights are in view, and the nearest Underground Station so you will not be lost. Truthfully, however, walking is often quicker and the scenery more inviting for original photographer’s eyes.  Also, GPS Coordinates are included with links to a map for you to accurately locate yourself in the same place shown in the photos through this blog.

Some locations are unmistakable though you will notice some often overlooked.  Some of the highlighted London places are off the beaten path, so be aware if your time is sensitive.

All of the work except for taking your fantastic photos is done for you. So, get your camera, don a comfortable pair of shoes, then dash into London’s streets, and photograph like a Londoner.

If ever you have a question, feel free to contact me.



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