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Sounds of St Paul’s

The Sound of the Bells of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

When you are near St Paul’s and the bells start chiming with various tones, you can’t help but stop to look up at Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece.  When you are up close the sound of the bells can be deafening.  They are rather loud, but the beautiful sound echoes through the City of London like none you’ll hear anywhere else.

If you want a real treat, visit St Paul’s during Evensong.  The last time I attended, the entrance was free of cost.  The young choir is simply beautiful and sitting inside the cathedral with virtually no tourists in the building makes the moment truly special.  Be sure to check St Paul’s Evensong Schedule before you go.

With alert senses, an open mind and a curiousness to dive into a new city, land or culture, your travel experiences amplify beyond compare. Visuals, sounds, and aromas heighten excitement and most of these things are unplanned.

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Destination:  London

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