Ride On The London Underground

The sounds of the London Underground are all around you. You can hear it in the announcements for that upcoming stop, or when a train is whizzing by and gains speed as soon as they leave their station. There's also an amazing screeching sound from metal on metal whenever two trains come to a curve at once.  On the sounds of travel page, you can listen and download the sound of the London Underground.

Years ago I rode the London Underground exclusively for anywhere I’d go in the city, yet when I hit the pavement above ground, my map-reading skills would always falter.  I was never sure where to turn because on top of all that confusion caused by reading maps while walking around town (in addition to being clueless about any direction), now there were also new streets and buildings which seemed like they had popped up from nowhere - especially given how fast construction is going on throughout the city.

My London photography book project proved to be a great experience, and no