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Ride On The London Underground

The sounds of the London Underground are all around you. You can hear it in the announcements for that upcoming stop, or when a train is whizzing by and gains speed as soon as they leave their station. There's also an amazing screeching sound from metal on metal whenever two trains come to a curve at once.  On the sounds of travel page, you can listen and download the sound of the London Underground.

Years ago I rode the London Underground exclusively for anywhere I’d go in the city, yet when I hit the pavement above ground, my map-reading skills would always falter.  I was never sure where to turn because on top of all that confusion caused by reading maps while walking around town (in addition to being clueless about any direction), now there were also new streets and buildings which seemed like they had popped up from nowhere - especially given how fast construction is going on throughout the city.

My London photography book project proved to be a great experience, and not just because of the photographs I was able to take.  When I began my journey through London's boroughs by foot, it allowed me see how one area connects with another much better than if had been on some sort of elevated transportation device - like an airplane flying above ground level.

I may not know all the street names in each neighborhood since they're mostly navigated via landmarks rather than signs or addresses but when you have your feet firmly planted on Earth as opposed to being up high looking down at everything from afar; this makes for a more intimate connection between myself and what surrounds me whenever walking around any given part of vibrant old England!

The city of London is one that needs to be explored on foot.  With a map in hand, it becomes easy to navigate the streets and alleyways with ease – even when shortcuts are necessary. I never thought that knowing how to navigate London's winding streets would have such an impactful effect; walking around the city has made me feel more at home than ever before.

I’ve always found the London Underground to be a marvel. Sure, it may not help much when you truly want to know how get around but there is something about all that engineering and beauty deep below the earth.

Included below are images are taken from inside a London Underground train (old and new)  ::

inside view of london underground train
interior view of london subway train
photo of inside of a london underground train


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