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London’s Oxford Street Light Streams

If you love London Night Photography and capturing light streams, Oxford Street is a perfect place for you to be with your camera.  

The best time to be in Oxford Street is during rush hour as there is a constant flow of double-decker buses, one after another, that pass by. Perfect for photographing light trails.  Set up your camera in the middle of Oxford Street where there are proper pedestrian crossings.  The crossing will also be the place where the traffic lights are and there is a slightly elevated concrete platform if you will.  Stay on this small platform and you will be safe.  

Once you are set up, photograph away!  I do recommend a tripod or some means to steady your camera when you are on Oxford Street.  When I am here, it is one of the few times I have a tripod with me.

Two words of caution.  As buses rush by, expect a strong movement of air that could sway your camera.  Hold on to your camera! And, even if you use a tripod, you might want to put your camera strap around your neck or secure it to your arm.  

Also, do not be surprised (or alarmed) if a grumpy bus driver yells at you out their window.  It happened to me.  “You’re distracting the bus drivers don’t you know?”  I simply smiled and waved.  That may have upset her more.  The incident did not deter me from taking another hundred photos.

Oxford Street has never been one of my favourite destinations.  In fact, during the day I avoid it at all costs because it is like Main Street on steroids.  If you are visiting London for the first time, give Oxford Street a go but don’t expect much except for crowds unless your destination is Selfridge’s.  Seriously, unless you must, don’t add Oxford Street to your list of things to do in London.

Below, you can view a few of the photos I’ve taken while I’ve stood in the middle of Oxford Street.  When you capture your own photographs, please share them.  I’d love to see.

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