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London Bridge For London Photos

london bridge and the shard illuminated at night

The history of the London Bridge spans a couple thousand years and has changed to suit the needs of its people. The first bridge was constructed in 1043 when King Edward II ordered it built after being inspired by his visit across another structure, Pont-y-Wen over on Wales’ north coast

The famous London Bridge that we know today opened for traffic back in 1973 but before then there were plenty other incarnations such as an old timber bridge made out from wood which dominated during Roman times or one where gravel pathways had been laid down instead with stone sleeper blocks every ten feet apart once again dating all way back to ancient Rome. It is well documented throughout Britain's historic past records how much bridges have always played a pivotal role within London's culture.

The current London Bridge, built between 1968 and 1972, replaced Rennie’s stone arches with beams of prestressed concrete reaching 340 feet (104 metres) in the central span. Construction was carried out using the cantilever method, with segments being built outward from two piers that were tied together by high-strength steel tendons. In this design post-World War II innovation is clearly seen as a major change in bridge engineering methods for bridges such as these, but the bridge itself is not of great historical significance.

london bridge at night with light trail of double decker bus

The London Bridge is one of the best places to photograph London, but it’s not so photogenic. You can enjoy views from there that are at least as good as Waterloo bridge – maybe better! It also has a nice sturdy ledge for your camera and some great angles by which you can take shots like Tower Bridge, The City of London, Tower Of Londons HMS Belfast and even other scenic landmarks in the area such as Borough Market or St Paul's Cathedral.

Where Is London Bridge? How Do I get to London Bridge? London Bridge GPS Coordinates :: 51.5079° N, 0.0877° W

Map Showing the Location of London Bridge

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london bridge illuminated at night

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