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Ebury Bridge Road For London Photos

view of railroad tracks and battersea power station from ebury bridge road in london

My all-time favourite view of Battersea Power Station is from Ebury Bridge Road. The point where you’ll stand is a paved area overlooking the rail lines that lead to/from Victoria Station. In the distance is a perfectly clear view of the iconic Battersea Power Station. There are two other advantages to staking your place at Ebury Bridge Road.

First, you will probably be the only one with a camera standing in this spot. Two, the passing trains add an interesting element to your images. If you capture video, you’ll have brilliant London footage with plenty of action. Viewing Battersea Power Station from Ebury Bridge is definitely one of the best places to photograph London.

The Battersea Power Station area is experiencing significant re-development. From the Ebury Bridge Road photography spot, the new construction will be out of view for the most part. There will be some new architecture in your frame, tho’ you’ll be able to capture this iconic building as we all know and love it.

view of moving train and battersea power station from ebury bridge road in london

Where Is Ebury Bridge Road? How Do I Get To Ebury Bridge Road? Ebury Bridge Road GPS Coordinates :: 51.4903923, -0.1511037

map showing location of ebury bridge road in london

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