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Bridges of London

The heart of London is the Thames River, so it's only natural for its bridges to be a highlight. They're like monuments; each one has their own personality and purpose when they were made or why they are famous now.  Some have opulent designs while others are simple yet stately in nature and some do both! Which Central London bridge crossing over the mighty river does your heart call home?

London has a variety of bridges for all kinds of people.  Some like to walk across Chelsea Bridge, others may enjoy Westminster Bridge with its grand views of Big Ben while crossing over it. London also offers beautiful riverside views with its Golden Jubilee Bridges - as well as Tower bridge, which is one iconic landmark you cannot miss when in town!

I am a Londoner.  The colours of the bridges in the city are something I take for granted every day - until 2012 when they were all lit up by Olympic fever. But now that it is over, these lights have been switched on permanently with no intention to switch them off again. This has tainted these wonderfully unique landmarks in some cases because instead of looking like an ordinary bridge at night time- it looks like Disney World or some other plastic imitation where everything is too perfect and nobody can tell what's real anymore.

When you're looking for the best view of London, my favorite spot is Waterloo Bridge. It's one of those bridges that isn't so beautiful but has a great view in all directions. I always have so much fun exploring it and the views with my camera. There are just so many picturesque moments to capture as well- from Big Ben at night or St Paul's Cathedral during sunrise.  There isn't better place for photographers than this bridge.

From Waterloo Bridge, you’ll have incredible views of the London Eye, Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, Golden Jubilee Bridges, the Royal National Theatre, St Paul’s Cathedral, and of course, the City of London.  Quite honestly, you could spend a couple hours on the bridge if you’re a photographer.  If you are only wanting to soak in London’s spectacular sights, Waterloo Bridge should be on your list of things to do.

I’ve spent many an hour on and under so many bridges in London, from west to east.  The sound of the Thames is one I will never forget as it lulls me into a trance with its gentle waves lapping up against my shoes.  A bridge overlook gives you some spectacular views where you can get lost for hours just staring at all that water or even worse if your lucky catch sight of the iconic Tower Bridge which spans across the River Thames .

Have a look at the video above which includes London’s bridges from Albert to Tower Bridges (almost everything in between) and find your favourite before exploring the city.

map showing river thames and london bridges

Included below are a few of my favourite images of the bridges in London:

jubilee bridges in london at night
low angle view of london's millennium bridge
low angle view of jubilee bridge with illuminated london eye in the background
chelsea bridge during a full moon with lights reflecting on river thames
illuminated albert bridge in london illuminated at night


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