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Blackfriars Bridge For London Photos

Today, Blackfriars Railway Bridge is solar powered. Did you know this? In fact, Blackfriars Railway Bridge is the world’s largest solar-powered bridge. The rail station secures half its power from 4,400 roof-mounted panels.

The current Blackfriars Railway Bridge is actually the second and was originally called St Paul’s Railway Bridge and opened in 1886. It was designed by John Wolfe-Barry and Henry Marc Brunel and is made of wrought iron. It was built by Lucas & Aird. When St Paul’s railway station changed its name to Blackfriars in 1937 the name of the bridge was changed as well.

As redevelopment of the Blackfriars Bridge area took hold, the eastward London views became blocked, tho’ the new Railway bridge is quite handsome and contemporary. The westward views from Blackfriars road bridge are ok. As the River Thames curves some of the most iconic sights we know and love disappear. You will have superb views of Oxo Tower and Gabriel’s Wharf.

I still include the Blackfriars Bridge area on my list of the best places to photograph London because the surrounding architecture is remarkable. With your photographer’s eye, you’re sure to find fantastic photos to be captured.

Where is Blackfriars Bridge? How Do I Get To Blackfriars Bridge? Blackfriars Bridge GPS Coordinates :: 51.5097° N, 0.1044° W

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