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Balinese Ceremonies: Full Moon Ceremony

Travel Destination :: Bali. Children at the Penempaham Temple.

Bali is often referred to as the "Island of Gods" and it's no wonder why. Ceremonies are held for almost anything, from births and marriages to funerals. During auspicious days, elaborate ceremonies such as the Full Moon ceremony are held with everyone in a village participating.


Children can be seen playing music during this event which is another way that they become involved in their culture and learn about their traditions. If Bali has been on your bucket list, then make sure you arrange a visit to a local temple while there during one of these festivities because you won't regret it. All awaits you: bursts of color, festive music, praying in the Temple, traditional dress (which will be required)

Balinese Children at a temple in Bali

As I was the only foreigner in attendance, it is quite possible that the Balinese children were as curious of me as I am them.  Expect a friendly welcome and many smiles; they enjoy sharing their culture with you! If you are seeking authentic adventure travel, Bali might be for you--it's where I got my thrill-seeking fix when exploring new cultures.

Balinese children playing music at a temple in Bali.

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