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A Gentleman’s Travel Education

I always loved travelling and I thought it was just about Eurostar trips to Paris, or my time in London or several jaunts to Venice. My world changed, however, when I hopped on a plane for Istanbul, then Morocco and so many more places. There’s more than cathedrals, castles and people who look like me in the world; there are endless adventures waiting to be had. And there is no doubt each adventure has my name on it.

It all started one day when I decided travel further than Europe- jumping from trains into planes that took me across continents as far away as Turkey before returning back home where familiar faces awaited.

I was drawn to the East like a moth to flame. I wanted an adventure and new experiences that would mold me into someone newer, wiser, better than before. One step took me to an island so remote I felt as if I had entered another world. The Maldives were my first taste of Asia, and gave me the impression that there was still a lot more adventure out in this big wide world waiting for someone like myself who liked being far away from everything I knew.

I had always been a little fascinated with Asia, and after my first taste of the Maldives I was dying to explore more. A year later I flew LAX to Tokyo and found myself in love with this new culture that seemed so different from what I knew at home. My next experience would be Bangkok, where as soon as we landed it felt like everything changed for me; Thailand became an addiction which was followed by Bhutan then Bali - each place touched not only two feet but also my heart.

Travel is a progression of sorts. It's not always about the sights, but also finding there are genuine lives and families waiting to welcome you away from home – this becomes true in all parts of the world. Travel can be an education unlike anything found in textbooks; everyone learns something different when they travel!

It starts with seeing new places, then realizing that no one knows your name-you've got family around every corner just waiting for you to find them out on your own or come back home where it feels more like 'home'.

There are three important factors for me when I travel, and each one is essential to my success.

One: I travel solo. When I'm on my own time frame - not worried about rushing through a city or country in order to fit the itinerary of other people's expectations. Two: Leaving behind the Western way of thinking while exploring new cultures that might be completely different than what I've grown up with, but still interesting all at once. Three: Traveling slow and deep rather than furiously collecting passport stamps; wanting to experience every layer of these countries so as not miss anything worth seeing.

When I meet my own criteria for travel, I undoubtedly am in for a special experience.

There are many people who travel for the destination alone but I am not one of those types. For me, it is all about how my experience unfolds from start to finish and everything in between that matters most to me at that given moment. And finally if days and months need be spent overseas, then so be it.

Destination: Thailand, Tokyo, Bhutan and Bali

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