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A Gentleman’s Thoughts On The Icelandic Penis Museum

One of a kind and the only in the world, The Icelandic Penis Museum is a must visit for those curious about penises. From big boy whales to the mighty walrus and the wee hamster, over 56 species are on display. If you are in search of the human sample, you won’t find one, but you will see plenty of penises in pop culture and art. Who would have guessed?

I was in Iceland to photograph the country’s awe-inspiring landscape with a hope of catching the Northern Lights. I did not seek the Penis Museum, it found me. In fact, it smacked me right in the face while I was walking on Reykjavik’s main street. How’s that for not paying attention? There is a visual for you. Yes, I ran right into a sign and it happened to be an advert for the museum. Far be it from me not to make this overt phallus display a signal that I must visit the novel museum.

Upon entering, of course, you feel as if you’re doing something naughty. Is this porn disguised as a museum? Once inside, the novelty becomes irresistible. Really, an elephant penis? It’s huge and captivating. The novelty is the other visitors who take selfies with various penises throughout the museum. If you plan your own penis selfie, be sure to have a zoom lens when you reach the hamster specimen; it’s minuscule. And the whale penis? If you are insecure about your own member, you’re sure to have envy when you spot the whale.

Do I recommend the penis museum? Yes. The displays are thoughtful, informative and tastefully displayed. Being an open-minded 21st-century gentleman, I think the world is far too uptight about far too many things. A little penis is not going to hurt anyone except perhaps the close-minded. And besides, if the Museum of Sex in New York City can have a Bouncy Castle of Breasts, it’s only right man’s best friend should have a home in Reykjavik.

I have great admiration for the person who thought of the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

Destination: Reykjavik Iceland

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