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A Gentleman’s Advice For Visiting London For The First Time

London is a big, bewildering place and often feels like one long winding road.  For newcomers, the prospect of knowing London can be discouraging. There's so much to see and do in this city that it seems impossible for visitors to get anywhere with just a single visit! I've been here over thirty years myself now - there are still new things happening nearly every day as well.

The city is a living, breathing entity.  If you rush around visiting all the tourist sites in one day without experiencing it as an everyday citizen then I guarantee that you will be frustrated.

reflection photo of jubilee bridge and london eye during twilight

Here’s some advice on how to step right in and feel at home in the capital.

Take A Walk

To make the most of your time in London, explore with your feet.  Yes! Take long walks to see as much of this beautiful city as possible. The tube map can be very misleading; for instance, distances between stations are not always geographically accurate and you might find it more advantageous to use Transport for London's Walking Tube Map which will show how close or far away sights really are from each other by foot--walking is a great way learn about both new places and yourself alike.

Walk The North Bank, Then The South Bank

To get the most out of walking in London, try to find a good mix between exploration and relaxation. A stroll along the South Bank is great for people watching but can also be overwhelmed with tourists. North bank offers some respite from crowds while still being filled with all sorts of landmarks and fabulous views.

To summarize this passage I would say that it's best when you're exploring if you don't just stick to one area as there are many different things to see no matter where your destination may be!

Learn Some Capital History

London’s vast history is a lot to remember.  The Museum of London offers the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to learn about everything from Boudica, Julius Caesar, and all of Britain's kings' battles with Danes in 1066 up through WWII.  Featured exhibits include Lord Mayor Richard Whittington's coach (the first one-horse carriage), an intricately recreated Victorian street complete with period clothes shops like Gamages store that still sells cricket bats today; the Great Fire model showing how it spread so quickly due to narrow streets and wood construction; James II‘s cauldron used during 2012 Olympic Games ceremonies now on display at The Queen Elizabeth Park. And don't forget: this museum also has plenty on throughout the year.

Find A Big View

There are many hills in London to get atop and survey the city. The Big Three tourist hills of Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill, and Greenwich Park still provide a great view but there is so much more! Check out other lesser-known nearby locations like Chalk Farm or Hampstead Heath for that perfect viewpoint without too huge elevation change if you want something less intense than those three big ones. Combine a hilltop hike with an afternoon drink at one of London's rooftop bars where you can chat about all your findings from afar on this beautiful day while enjoying the sights below as well as some refreshments close by - it doesn't have to be anything fancy either which makes these rooftops even better because they're always open (no matter what time).


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