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12 Reasons To Visit Buenos Aires

Mix the passion of South America and a hint of Europe and you have Buenos Aires, one of the finest cities in the Americas.  From Tango Dances to parades in the streets (and sometimes demonstrations) and a dramatic cemetery – Buenos Aires has it all.  Don’t miss El Ateneo or Teatro Colón and most definitely add in Caminito in La Boca.  

Each time I visit Buenos Aires I fall in love deeper and become more passionate about the city.  There is a European charm to the people of Buenos Aires and the energy is just as upbeat as any Capital city you’ll visit.  Amongst the sophistication, there is a laid-back South American vibe making the city even more appealing for those seeking to escape our uptight world.

Do keep in mind, however, with all the good Buenos Aires has to offer, there is a dark mood at times.  Watch your step, know your surroundings and mind your belongings at all times.  If you are used to being flashy, don’t be.

As I sit and share Buenos Aires with you, my mind wanders to my schedule.  When can I trek back to this city I’ve grown to admire and appreciate?  Do I really need a reason to visit Buenos Aires?  For me, just being there is enough.

In the meantime, here are my twelve reasons to visit Buenos Aires ::

::  The colours of the older building in the city are divine; the bright vibrant colours in Caminito in the La Boca District are photograph worthy and will make you smile.  There is a festive vibe in La Boca and you’ll feel the city’s energy during a Sunday stroll through San Telmo’s street market.

::  You’ll find public art and other art displays throughout Buenos Aires.  Go on a mission to find as many as you can.

::  The Sunday Street Market in the San Telmo District where you’ll find dancing in the streets, musicians galore, food for a feast and a relaxed crowd enjoying the atmosphere.

::  If you are a steak lover, you’ll be in beef heaven in Buenos Aires.  Arguably, Argentina serves some of the best steak in the world.

::  The National Cathedral in Playa de Mayo is well worth a visit not only for the architecture and religious relics but also for observing those who take their faith seriously.

::  A visit to El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a bookstore in Santa Fe Avenue.  The bookshop is housed in an old theatre.  Browse books, marvel at the theatre details that have been kept intact and read a book in one of the private theatre boxes.  I can never get enough of this stunning bookshop even if I can’t read Spanish.

::  Teatro Colón Opera House is a theatre on the main thoroughfare through Buenos Aires.  From the outside, it looks European.  On the inside, it is European.  If you’re craving the opera or symphony, book a ticket in the best seats in the house.  The theatre is simply beautiful.

::  Casa Rosada.  Yes, it really is pink.  At night, the building is even pinker.  Eva Peròn stood on the balcony here many times.  Imagine the crowds in Playa de Mayo clinging to her every word.

::  Tango in the streets.  Tango in dinner theatres.  Tango in the local Milanga.  Choose one to see or choose them all.  You’ll feel sensual and be ready to dance after one display of physical beauty.

::  Puerto Madero is a contemporary addition to Buenos Aires.  The bridge symbolises the beauty of a woman though I’ve yet to see this in the structure.  

::  You can get lost and confused in Recoleta Cemetery, the resting home to the rich of Buenos Aires.  Some mausoleums remind me of a modern-day Prada Store, though the majority have interesting elements.  I took fascination with the derelict tombs.  Recoleta cemetery is rife with history and cats.

::  There are plenty of green spaces and parks throughout Buenos Aires.  Once you step beyond the gates of a park, you are transported into a peaceful area and you’ll wonder if you’re still in the big city.

::  Parades and protests are an almost daily occurrence in Buenos Aires.  Don’t be alarmed by a protest; they are peaceful.  The city celebrates cultural diversity though I’ve only seen South American’s in the parades.  They are great fun to watch and you’ll find scrumptious street food along the parade route.

Map Showing the Locations of El Ateneo Grand Splendid Book Store, Casa Rosada and Puerto Madero

Destination:  Buenos Aires Argentina


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