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Photo Mosaic Art Photographs and Wall Art

Every Mosaic Art Photograph tells a story. The mosaic is a photograph that has been divided into tiled sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the main photo scheme. When viewed from afar, it looks as if small pixels create the art photograph; however when you move closer to view the image up close and personal-the illusion disappears revealing millions of individual images blended together in perfect harmony like an intricate puzzle waiting for discovery by its next viewer!  


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store is the perfect place to find original photo art for your office decorating needs. Corporate rental properties, hotels and medical offices are just a few of their many satisfied customers. Wall art from this store will be sure to make any space look amazing.  Contact us today if you'd like custom sized pieces or commercial licensing opportunities.

A photo mosaic is a unique and creative form of art. It's made by combining hundreds of smaller images to create one large, artistic image. You can't always see the original picture when you look closely at it- but as your eyes move away from the photomosaic, it becomes clearer that they're all working together in harmony.

The perspective changes with distance: up close there are many tiny pieces making an overall pattern; further back, we can appreciate each piece for its individual beauty on their own terms-- no longer blending into something too complicated or unclear because what was once so small now stands out before us as striking artwork.

The photo mosaics that Mark Paulda Photography creates are not only beautiful pieces of art, but also great conversation starters. They can be seen up close and far away to appreciate the intricate detail they have captured in each piece. These amazing creations help interior decorators and designers provide original photos for offices, restaurants or hotels!

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