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Multiple Exposure Art Photographs and Wall Art

When I'm in the mood for something different to capture, I challenge myself by creating all of my multiple exposures within the camera. The resulting art image can show a scene from three perspectives at once or take any other form that's intriguing when layered together on one picture. Whether you're using film cameras or modern digital photography, it doesn't matter how many times you need to push your shutter button: if what you want is an interesting view with depth and dimension then there are no limits.


I find an interesting visual situation and spend some time trying out various ways of capturing it before settling on which elements best tell this story uniquely. Once everything has been designed perfectly in my head--and not just photographed-an art photograph is created worthy of hanging on a wall.


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store sells original Multiple Exposure Wall art for all occasions and interior designers.  Whether it be hotels, rental properties, office buildings or just your own home; make a statement with something different! Need color options? Contact us to find out what we have in store. All images are available for commercial licensing and digital downloads.

Multiple exposures are photographs in which two or more images can be superimposed to create a new image. This is old school photography at its best! With multiple exposure, there's no need for photo manipulation- the camera does all of the work instead and creates surreal, unique and fascinating pictures within seconds - just by pressing one button.


One night in a small shop in London Soho the man behind the counter looked at me and asked, "Are you OK?" "Yes," I answered, "I'm just tired." "Everyone in London is tired," he proclaimed with a smile.


This short conversation inspired my London Multiple Exposure Art Photography Collection. Some days my mind feels as jumbled as shown in the photos. But, I keep wanting more as London is such a dynamic and complex city.


Mark Paulda Photography works with interior decorators and designers. We provide art photography for medical offices, corporate offices, hotels and restaurants to create a unique experience that is tailored specifically towards your needs!

 Our work has been featured in countless publications including House Beautiful Magazine- the world's most influential design magazine.  With our fast turnaround time we can ensure you'll have what you need when it comes to building out your space or renovating an area of business - something every commercial professional knows how important this factor can be.

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