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London Art Photographs and Wall Art

I've photographed London for more years than I can count and the city still inspires me. What I've discovered while trekking across the city at night with my camera is that London stands taller, grander and brighter. She whispers in my ear to stop and take notice- so I do! With no one around but her and me under a starry sky, she shines bright as if declaring who deserves this moment all to themselves alone: us; together we're stronger because of our love affair - it's mine just like it's hers too--and ours has been going on longer than anyone else could ever imagine already...


The ambiance created by lit buildings against a dark background creates an entirely new scene where everyone becomes part of your story - and some may even create their own.


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store sells original London Art Photography for hotels, medical offices, corporate offices, restaurants, corporate rental properties and more.  Wall art for interior decorators and designers.  Need a custom size?  Please contact us.  All images are available for commercial licensing and digital downloads.

I've been walking about London for the last thirty years, and I find something fresh in it everyday. The more you walk around London, the story of this great city unfolds. You can see its glamour at night or how gritty cracks are more evident by day - all a part of living breathing life that commands attention. As a photographer I give her every bit my mine; peel away one layer only to find another layer on top waiting to be discovered."It's hard to capture London on camera because we live in the most interesting city. Sometimes police officers ask you if everything is alright when they spot you laying low with your cameras, and sometimes people give side glances at what seems like a precarious position for anyone but me. I know that this moment will turn out amazing when it comes time to edit my photos from today’s walk through town! We have some of London finest art perfect for any home or office space- look no further than our collection of contemporary street scenes from across the city available as prints (canvas included) and wall decorating pieces

Mark Paulda sells original London art photography for corporate offices, medical offices, restaurants and hotels. We work on interior design projects - both large and small. If you are an interior decorator or a designer please contact us with your project details so we can offer specialized pricing just for you!

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