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There is no better way to find balance and perspective than to co-exist in nature. It is vast, timeless, shifting, growing, and ever changing. Growing up in Libya, I was exposed at an early age to one of the most unique, beautiful, and serene landscapes in the world, the Sahara Desert, with its' massive sand dunes, moved only by time and the wind. This exposure created the desire and the need for me to explore the rest of the world in search it's own unique beauty. As I have traveled, I have been fortunate enough to explore and photograph many of the world's special places, whether it be an island in the middle of an ocean, the Himalayas or the Rocky Mountains, or the beauty hidden somewhere deep in a rainforest. All of them are special in their own way. This is a deeply personal process for me, getting centered in a particular spot and absorbing the wonder of it all, then feeling the rhythm of light and time before raising my camera to my eye. This collection of Landscape Art Photography represents the result of that creative process, capturing both the beauty of each amazing location, and the unforgettable memories that each incredible place has brought me.