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Inspiring Places Art Photographs and Wall Art

I am always in awe of the world's structures as they have withstood both the test of time, and the test of man. The experience is often very moving for me but it can also provide a deep inspiration to take on these obstacles we face every day that are trying to tear us down. One has to wonder what history transpired within them over centuries past or why some still thrive today when others no longer do- I believe this speaks volumes about mankind's resilience against all odds!


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store is the place to find everything you need for your interior design project.  Whether it be hotels, corporate offices, medical offices or restaurants - we've got something that will fit your needs and budget. We also work with designers from all over the world who are looking to create a space thats as unique as they are! So if you're in Detroit or even Timbuktu (or any other location), give us a call today at 917-768-3032.

Iconic sights around the world are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our collection of iconic photographs. I’ve travelled all over capturing stunning images from unique perspectives to allow you to discover a new and more intimate connection with this great planet on your own terms, whether it be London, Venice or Istanbul- there is something spectacular waiting for you out there that will change how we see ourselves in relation to one another. Discover these extraordinary places as beautiful photography prints not only do they bring us closer together but also allows us experience rare architectural art up close so everything can happen within arm's reach!

For interior decorators and designers, Mark Paulda offers discounted photography for hotel rooms, medical offices, corporate office spaces-- you name it!

Mark's work has been featured in a variety of settings from hotels to restaurants.

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