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Inspiring Landscapes Art Photographs and Wall Art

My father always told me, "look to the mountains for strength". Being a very wise man, I followed his advice as best as I could.  I traveled far and wide across this Earth in order to see them first-hand - from Morocco's High Atlas Mountains all the way up through Bhutan's Himalayas; Ecuador'a green Andes Mountain range down into Icelands Grand Glaciers.  And wherever my journey took me, whether it be amongst their towering peaks, lush valleys of life that they provide us with sustenance or the vast dunes of the Sahara Desert--it was an honor and privilege being able to capture these natural wonders that could fill a space in your home or office. 


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store sells original and custom-sized Inspiring Landscape Photographs. Their photos are perfect for businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries—they're used in hotels to create a welcoming environment; they belong on the walls of medical offices as calming decoration; they can be seen at restaurants where their elegant beauty provides just enough ambiance without being overwhelming or distracting from food and drinks. They also have photographs that make great art for architects designing new buildings with an artistic flair.

Whenever someone asks me where to travel in the United States, my answer is always - Go Explore the American West.  The Western part of America offers the grandest awe inspiring landscapes anywhere in the world.  From massive mountains to incredible rock formations to stark deserts one can't help but being swept away with natural beauty.  Ouray Colorado is often referred to as the Little Switzerland of America.  Ouray is also a place where you'll visit and not want to leave.  The landscapes of Southwest Colorado will leave you speechless.  The Joshua Trees found in the Mojave Desert are alien-like and seem to dance across the desert floor.  The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park landscapes are what's needed when you simply want to get away from it all.  And, the Grand Canyon simply speaks for itself.  It is a privilege for me to be able to photograph the idyllic landscapes of the West and I'm always planning for my next adventure.


 Mark Paulda works with interior decorators and designers for design projects of any size.  We sell art photography for hotels, medical offices, corporate offices, corporate rental properties, restaurants and more.  Discounted wall art for interior decorators and designers.  Grand Canyon photo prints on museum quality paper.  Colorado canvas prints.  Yellowstone metal prints.  Desert landscape acrylic prints.

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