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Even after photographing London during my lifetime, the city still inspires me. I'm in awe of the view of St Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge; Big Ben holds my attention especially when the bells ring at midnight; and I return over and over again to Battersea Power Station. It's these historical sights that define London's physical landscape and it's these same sights that remind me how special the city is.

You'll notice most of the images in the Iconic London Art Photography Collection are captured during the nighttime hours. I love night photography. What I've discovered while trekking across the city at night with my camera is that London stands taller, grander and brighter. She whispers in my ear to stop and take notice. And, I do.

With my camera at hand at night, I often feel as if there is only me and London dancing under the light with no one else around. If that's not a love affair, I'm unsure what is.
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