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Camera Toss
At my core, I am an art lover. All mediums, periods and styles. I am constantly moved and inspired by shapes, colors and scenes and they motivate me to spur emotions through my art, just as the artists before me have done. While capturing the perfect fixed image is a perpetual task, exploring the dynamic is always on my mind.

In the age of digital photography, the ability to maneuver imagery is more accessible than ever. In many cases, I take advantage of this technology to manifest my final product. But, just as often, I use physical constructs to accomplish my vision. Camera Toss is just that: I find an appealing light source, open the shutter, toss my beloved camera up and (hopefully) catch it on the way down. Multiple exposures are a bit less whimsical, as I do not use any digital tricks. Instead, I painstakingly align my subject from several positions to get the desired effect.