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Camera Toss Art Photographs and Wall Art

Without a light source, photography would be impossible. As an experimental technique, I literally toss my camera in the air towards a coloured light source and watch it as it ascends then descends with twists and turns along the way; sometimes catching up to before reaching its fall back down to earth. The results are Camera Toss Art Photographs with varying vibrant colours, whimsical swirls or patterns that represent our changing world today.  


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store has the perfect art for your home. With original Kinetic Art Photographs, you can make any room a masterpiece.

Mark offers many different sizes of prints and wall decor that are not only great aesthetically but also have an excellent price point.  If you feel like something is missing from your living space then these vibrant images are for you.

The camera toss art photographs are one-of-a kind and exhibit various perspectives. With each toss, the artist literally twists and turns in different ways to capture a unique perspective of their surroundings with every shot. As an added bonus, these photos will have your home or office looking fashionable without even trying!


Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store sells original kinetic art photography for hotels, corporate offices, medical offices, and restaurants.  We work with designers and interior decorators to provide you a one-stop shop that promises on time delivery within your project budget.

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