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There are so many reasons to give a gift. The obvious occasions…birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations…happen so often that it’s hard to think of something original and special. And the less common events, like housewarmings, farewells or condolences, warrant a present that marks the occasion in a meaningful and unique way. Regardless of the reason, visual art is both widely subjective and deeply personal, and can alter its significance depending on the context. Perhaps it’s a landscape piece you, the giver, has spent a lot of time…or where the gift recipient may have been, or longed to go.

What matters is, at the end, that you have embraced a thoughtful gesture. Not a frantic run to the mall or a last-minute gift card grab online, but a conscious and deliberate selection that embodies the relationship that means so much to you. A breathtaking scene, printed on metal, that could be hung on a wall, kept in a suitcase, or propped up on your dashboard as you hit the road. A reminder of who they are, who you know they can be, whatever their goal is. They will know you understand them, and that’s the best gift of all.