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Business & Trade


With a vast range of styles available, there is something for everyone. From warm and inviting to cool and contemporary, Mark Paulda's Art Photography Store can bring any surface to life with just the right image.

You want art? You've got it. Or, you will soon have it with exciting original art photography for your walls and spaces. Get ready to surround yourself in abstract camera toss photography, circular abstracts, sublime nature scenes, iconic scenes from around the world - there is something to satisfy any taste and occasion with our Art Photography Store!

Designers & Architects

So, you're an architect or designer with accomplished taste and a dilemma. Your creativity is limited by budget constraints, but your clients are among the most discriminating of all. Fear not! Mark Paulda Photography has made it our mission to bring your vision to life. With stunning images captured around the world through our creative lens, we offer what no other art photography gallery online can: custom solutions and personal services to suit any design professional's needs.

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Office & Business

Art photography is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your workspace without spending too much time or money. With thousands of ready-to-print images from all over the world available, you’ll be sure find something that matches your project's environment and goals. And don't worry about getting hung up on a required size; each printed photograph can be customized so you get the size you need.


Art surrounds you at every turn in hotels and spas. Anticipating the needs of our clients, we create a vision that supports your company's values as well as fulfills your expectations for what customers envision when they think "relax." That is why it is crucial to promote art photography that meets all of these demands- Mark Paulda Photography provides exclusive selections which are perfect for retail shops, lobbies, hallways or leisure space. We also pride ourselves on offering highly personal services focused around individual needs with selection consultations.

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It’s no secret: the ambiance as you enter a restaurant or bar can make all the difference. Customers need to be satisfied with their surroundings, and Mark Paulda Photography is here to help. With a wide variety of art images captured around the world, Paulda knows what it takes to set an appetizing tone for customers that wander through your doors. What's more relaxing than some original pieces of soothing art photography while enjoying appetizers, a meal or sipping on designer cocktails?

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