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The first impression of love is like a sunset, a blaze of colour - vibrant oranges, luscious yellows, soothing blues and a hint of pearly pinks.

Moments before this sunset began its magic, I witnessed a delightful Bali Melasti ceremony.  The Balinese believe the souls of their loved ones are destined to return to the ocean where they can be reunited with their ancestors.  A long procession of locals begins in their small village and continues to the sea with each one walking into the water to say their goodbyes.  The ceremony is enchanting to watch and even more so for a curious traveller like myself.

Something caught my attention behind me, and as I glanced over my shoulder, the veriest golden hue saturated the misty air then reflected in pools of water from the Indian Ocean.  I've seen plenty of sunsets around the world, tho' I couldn't take my eyes off this Bali sunset.  It's a sunset that stays etched in memory. Travel is like a passionate love affair that never really ends.  Sunsets simply add to the desire.



White Sands Full Moon

White Sands

The White Sand Dunes of Southern New Mexico touch my soul. During a full moon, the white sands glisten while countless stars sparkle in the sky. This combination of elements helps me capture special White Sands images that I'm pleased to offer you for your home or office.

Bali Offerings

Bali Offerings

Offerings to God are an integral part of daily living for the Balinese. Offerings or blessings are made very simply but with reverence on a daily basis. Offerings are placed in simple thankfulness, just an intention of holding the energy of blessing and a spiritual connection to God.

London Waterloo Rush

Waterloo Rush

London is a photography playground for me. Waterloo Rush is one of my all-time favourite London images because of the colours, reflections and lines. I captured the image with a Hasselblad film camera. The truth is I guessed the exposure time... 1-100, 2-100, 3-100, 4-100... A little bit of luck was on my side.

Grand Canal Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet

I'm always keen to capture the familiar then create images that make you stop and think - a conversation piece if you will. I'm not big on photo manipulation, tho' I especially appreciate the twists, turns and clever colourful patterns that I make with Tiny Planets. Whimsical fun for your walls.

the gentleman wayfarer

The Gentleman Wayfarer Travel and Lifestyle Blog is about living and enjoying life. At times life is accessorized or a phenomenal dining experience ; other times life is about life changing impressions in cultures foreign to your own. At all times life is about enhancing your soul and spirit -- and building a solid character you can face in the mirror each day with ease and comfort. The breaths we are given are precious and it's our task to give as much as we receive.